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5 Effective Homemade face mask For Teens

5 Homemade face mask For Teens

These Homemade face mask for teens, is the only facial you will ever need at home. Face mask are a super easy way to self pamper, hydrate and rejuvenate skin.  It’s a  great skin treatment that will keep the skin looking,  clear and flawless.

The best thing about homemade face mask, are most of the ingredients sits right in your kitchen and  doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.They are great alternatives to store-bought mask, and can be just as effective, in removing impurities and give a  healthy glow.

With these homemade face mask for teens, you can say goodbye to problem skin related issues such as acne spots, pimples, scars  white heads and  black head. The great thing is, It only takes a few minutes, to see a  noticeable difference, within your skin.

Now that’s been said let’s get into these amazing homemade face mask for teens.

Homemade Face Mask for Teens

1.Face mask for glowing skin.

Glowing skin, is one we all would love to have all the time. Having a natural glow, can make a difference in how beautiful you feel. Nothing beats a glow that radiates, and one that shine so bright, that the skin comments flood in. Who wouldn’t want to hear “you’re glowing ” all the time. Glowing skin can be achieved, with  baking soda, extra virgin olive oil and honey face mask.

Baking soda is a powerful, alkaline powder, that’s often used in skin care. Due to its antibacterial and inflammatory properties. It’s very effective for treating many skin conditions.

Extra Virgin olive oil is an amazing  natural oil that has soothing and moisturising properties. This oil is  ideal for skin use, due to its gentle nature. It’s has high amounts of vitamin A and E. A vital oil for renewing and repairing problem skin.


2 tbsp of baking soda
1 tbsp of  extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon honey

With the ingredients present, add this to a clean bowl and be sure to mix well. A  smooth, paste consistency is what it should look like.

As always, a clean face is important before applying any product. This will  ensure the product is well absorbed into the skin,

Cleanse face and leave it a tad damp. Use a flat brush or fingers to apply the face mask. Be sure to cover the skin, evenly.

Remove with luke warm water after 15-20 mins. User a clean dry  cloth to pat  face. Follow up with your usual moisturizer.

This face mask can be used  1-2 per week.

Face mask for dark marks/Spots

Dark spots can occur from popping spots and pimples. To prevent dark marks, Do not pop pimples as  this results in scars, which gives the dark appearance on the skin. These dark marks can often darken overtime, especially if direct sun hit the skin. To prevent this from happening/ worsening, use a sun screen.

Removing dark spots is achievable, by using lemon juice and baking soda face mask. Being consistent is key for fast results.

Lemons are acidic, and will lighten the skin, overtime with regular use.


1 tbsp baking soda

2 tbsp of lemon juice

With  the lemon juice added to the baking soda, you will notice a slight fizz. No need to be alarmed, This is the acid in the lemon activating the baking soda. Stir  well for couple  seconds, till it turns into a paste.

Apply this face mask  to the face, where dark marks are present. Rinse off with warm water after a few minutes.

Face mask for Black heads

Black heads  appear on the skin, when pores are clogged. Dirt and  oil  that are trapped between the skin surface, doesn’t allow the skin to breathe, Which result in black heads.

Black head resemble tiny black dots. An egg and lemon juice  face mask, will dislodge the clogged pores and give the skin a chance to breathe again. For this face mask you will need…


1tbsp lemon juice
1 egg whites

Mix both ingredients and apply to face. Let it sit for 20 minutes. Face may feel a bit stiff. This is due to the eggs white, tightening properties.

Face mask for Acne

Acne is a type of skin condition that many  people get at some point in their lives. It’s more of  a natural occurrence during the teenage years, where hormonal level are all over the place.

Acne comes in all forms,  including  pimples, large spots, white heads, blackheads and cysts. It varies person to person, where the acne is formed and how bad it gets.

An oatmeal, lemon and honey face mask works wonders in removing all type of acne.

Oatmeal is effective at fighting acne. It’s extremely gentle and natural, which will improve acne, very quickly.

The manuka honey in this face mask will  soften , smooth and clear the acne.


2tbsp oatmeal
1 cup water
1tsp lemon juice
1 tbsp honey  ( manuka honey preferably)

Heat 1/2 cup of water with oatmeal on low heat on stove. Allow this to cool a little. Add lemon juice and manuka honey. Lastly, mix together and apply to skin. Repeat once a week.

Face mask for firm and tighten skin

Having  firm skin and tight skin can seriously make you look a whole lot younger. Having firm skin, kinda gives you a face lift  without actually paying for one .

With two ingredients, that im pretty sure you have lying around in the kitchen. How much better can that get. Youthfulness starts from within but this diy face mask is a just bonus.


2 tbsp Coffee
2 tbsp honey

Grind coffee beans into  powder form or simply use already made  powder coffee. Add honey to the coffee and mix together. It may seem hard to mix, at first, but continue until it’s well blended together.

The mixture should easily stick to the skin, if mix thoroughly. Add more honey if this isn’t the case.

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