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5 Top Tips to Finding the Best Acne Skin Care

There are so many acne skin care products on the market – which should you choose? It is frustrating sorting through the good ones and the ones that are just watered down.

The following is a short list of what to look for in the best acne skin care to help guide you in making your selection.

1. One Product Won’t Cut It – All acne skin care must involve more than one product. Getting a toner that is supposed to zap your acne just isn’t enough.

2. Acne Medication – The most effective ingredient in an acne product is benzoyl peroxide. It can be more concentrated for severe acne (up to 10%) – but be careful, it is very drying in this form. Or, it can be less concentrated for long term, continued use with little side effects (as low as 2.5%).

3. See A Doctor – If your acne is severe, you may have to go to a dermatologist to get a prescription to zap the acne quickly to prevent scarring, then use an over the counter product that isn’t as concentrated to keep up with your newly found clear skin.

4. Skin Care Program – The best acne skin care consists of a cleanser a toner, an exfoliator, and a moisturizer. If your acne is severe, look for an oil controlling lotion as well.

5. Skin Type – Look for acne skin care that is formulated for your skin type. Just because you have acne does not mean you have oily skin. You can get acne with every skin type, though acne does seem to be worse for those with oily skin. However, I know people who have completely oily skin, but no acne. So, here are the skin types: dry skin (acne is less prevalent, but can occur); normal skin (not too oily or dry; occasional acne outbreaks are common); combination skin (oily along the forehead, nose, and chin; acne outbreaks are frequent); and oily skin (oily constantly; acne outbreaks are ongoing).

Please remember that scrubbing your face vigorously and frequently (more than two times a day) is not the best approach to blasting your acne. It can actually make your acne worse by irritating the skin and not allowing it time to heal. The best acne skin care will instruct you to wash your face in the morning and at night, apply the acne medication appropriately, then top it off with a moisturizer.

Remember that makeup on bad skin looks like makeup on bad skin. So take care of it so people will notice your beauty (or handsomeness, as it may apply!) instead of being distracted by your skin’s imperfections! Discover the secrets to take care of your skin by grabbing my Free Report titled “Guide to Healthy, Beautiful, Wrinkle and Blemish Free Skin.”

Kaelyn Hales is a well respected skin care consultant who shares the best secrets to take care of your skin. She has helped hundreds of people care for and remedy their skin problems, while helping others find the right color cosmetic combinations for their personality type and skin tone.

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