Monday, March 1

7 home remedies that can treat dry, chapped lips

 The thing is, not only do chapped lips look far from being attractive, they can also hurt a lot, due to countless cracks.

There are many advertised products that claim to help you heal chapped lips, but when it comes to reality, it’s far from being that easy. That is why we decided to share a list of 7 effective home remedies that will help you get rid of that painful and unattractive chapped lip look.

Last but not least, apart from being useful, all these home remedies are extremely affordable so you will not need to waste lots of means.

#1 Green tea back

Soak a green tea bag in warm water and then place it over your lips, moving it backward and forwards. This will help to exfoliate your lips and moisturize them as well.

#2 Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is great for moisturizing your lips and for keeping the moisture in longer.

#3 Shea butter

This one you actually need to buy at the store, but it is less expensive than all the other beauty products, what is more, it is even more effective.

#4 Coconut oil

Apply coconut oil to your lips and enjoy the relieving effect.


#5 Milk cream

It is also great for moisturizing your lips. Yet, you will need to wash your lips after it is fully absorbed.

#6 Castor oil

Castor oil has great healing powers, that is why if there are cracks on your lips, castor oil is something you need to heal them up.

#7 Honey

There are many abilities that honey has, but when it comes to chapped lips what matters is its antibacterial properties. That is why, to avoid your cracked lips getting infected, you should apply honey to them.

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