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8 Clever Cleaning Tips from the Experts

I think we can all agree that we love it when our home is clean. It feels so good seeing everything organized, de-cluttered, and dirt free. It makes things more relaxing and restful. However, the cleaning process is not something we love. I mean, with dusting off furniture and keeping the kitchen and bathroom clean throughout the week, it can get overwhelming.

Thankfully though, there are plenty of cleaning tips and hacks that don’t require you to spend a ton of time and effort. And down below I’ve curated a list of some genius ways to clean your home in no time. They’re all simple, easy to do, and will make your place look great. And these idea are from some awesome cleaning experts. So check them out and let me know what you think!

DIY All Purpose Cleaner

While you can easily get an all-purpose cleaner from your local store, making your own is so much better. It’s inexpensive, natural, safe, and effective. And to make one, all you have to do is mix equal parts of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and you’re done!

Clean Baked-On Dishes with Dryer Sheets

We all love lasagna and other baked dinners with plenty of cheese. But unfortunately, we hate cleaning the dishes they’re cooked in. But luckily, you can easily clean them off by simply filling the dishes with warm water and add a dryer sheet, leaving it to soak. When you return the food will come off with just a quick scrub and rinse.

Soak Shower Heads in a Vinegar and Water Mixture

If you use your shower daily, then it makes sense to keep it clean. And to easily remove grime and gunk that build up over time, tie a Ziploc bag filled with vinegar to it and let it soak overnight. In the morning, rinse it off, scrub a little, and it’ll be sparkling clean.

Make a Cleaning Caddy

Not only will it save you time, keeping your cleaning supplies in one place will also make it easier to carry from room to room with everything you need.

You can make an instant grab-and-go cleaning caddy by simply getting a plastic shower caddy from the dollar store, fill in with rags, sponges, and cleaning products. Keep it under the sink and grab when needed.

Clean Your Windows with Coffee Filters

Instead of using cloths when wiping down your windows, try using coffee filters. They’re cheap, good absorbents, and won’t leave your windows with lint.

Clean Greasy Surfaces with Oil

With what? Yes, you read it right. You can clean greasy surfaces in your kitchen with oil. All you have to do is pour a few drops of oil onto a kitchen towel and wipe it across the dirty surface. The grease and grime will wipe off in just one go and your appliance will look nice and shiny.

Sanitize Your Sponge

After cleaning your kitchen, don’t forget to clean and sanitize your sponge too. Though they’re tiny they can hold a ton of bacteria. But you can disinfect it by simply putting the sponge in the microwave, saturated with water, for one minute.

Use a Lint Roller for Pet Hair

If you have pets at home, fur and hair can be found everywhere. To quickly remove your pet’s hair, get a lint roller and put it to work. You can use it on your sofas, furniture, and even in your car.

Cleaning the house can be the least fun and time-consuming task to do. However, these eight simple and smart hacks from the experts will make it quicker and easier than ever before. They’re all easy to follow, have great results, and will save you so much time and money. So choose any of them and give them a try. Let me know what you think!

Now, let me know if you have any hacks yourself, I’d love to hear about them!

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