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9 Amazing Uses Of Aspirin That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of!

Salicylic acid is one of the oldest remedies known to man, with the use of the compound dating back to the V century. The acid is the base of the popular painkiller aspirin, which is an over-the-counter (OTC) drug against inflammation, pain as well as blood clots and heart disease. Aspirin is also taken to relieve the symptoms of flu and colds and is probably the most prescribed pill nowadays.

But, did you know that you can use aspirin for more than just ailments? As it turns out, the pill can improve your health on many levels, and we’ve compiled a list of the most useful ones.

If you’ve got insect bites and stings on your arms and legs, rub an aspirin on the affected areas for some quick and much-needed relief from the irritation.

Pimples can be pretty annoying to eliminate, as even the most expensive creams and lotions can’t help. In this case, aspirin comes to the rescue. Take one pill and crush it to powder, then mix with a bit of water to get a nice paste. Rub the paste directly on your pimples, then remove with water after a couple of minutes. Continue using the treatment every day and your pimples will be a thing of the past soon.

Salicylic acid is a great ingredient for your skin. It can relieve inflammation and treat acne, redness, blemishes and other skin disorders. To refresh your skin, crush a few aspirin pills and add a bit of water in the powder, then mix until you get a paste. Use the paste on the affected areas of your skin, then remove with water after about 15 minutes. Repeat the process every day and your skin will look better than ever.

If you can’t get rid of your calluses no matter what you do, aspirin is your best option. Just make a paste of lemon juice, crushed aspiring (4-5) and some honey, then rub it on the calluses and wrap your feet with a warm towel. Wrap the towel with plastic wrap and let the remedy work for 20-30 minutes. Remove the wrap, rinse your feet with lukewarm water and repeat the process every day for best results.

If no shampoo works against your dandruff, try adding a few aspirins in it. Wash your hair with the mixture and you will be surprised by the results!

If you can’t get those nasty sweat stains from your favorite shirt no matter what you do, aspirin can help. Crush a few pills and add them to a bowl of water, then soak the stained shirt in for an hour or two and wash it as usual. The sweat stains should be gone by the end of the cycle.

If you’re lost your natural hair color, crush 5-6 aspirins and add them to a glass of water. Rub the mixture on your hair, let it work for 15 minutes, then wash it as usual. Regular use of this treatment should restore your natural hair color in a matter of weeks.

If you have burnt-on hard grease on your pans and pots, aspirin is your best bet of getting rid of them. Make a paste of a few aspirins and some water, then rub it on the affected areas to easily cut through the grease and get it off.

Want to make your plants last longer? Just add an aspirin to the vase.

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