Sunday, February 28

Black Cumin Seeds (Kalonji) For Extreme Hair Growth

We all have these little seeds in our house, they are knows as either black cumin seeds or kalonji seeds. These are small and bitter-flavoured seeds. Very few people know that these seeds is a ram ban remedy to cure baldness and excessive hair fall

Today I will share some most effective hair care remedies using kalonji seeds

Use cumin seeds oil directly

* Rub cumin seed oil on your palm and massage the bald spot for around 15 minutes.
* Leave for half an hour and then wash off.
* The regular application will greatly affect the growth of your hair.

Use cumin seeds with ACV

* Boil a few black cumin seeds until they appear bland in flavour.
* When the mixture is cool, strain it out.
* Add vinegar solution to the cumin water and rinse your hair with the solution.
* Wash off with shampoo after hours or next day.

Cumin seeds oil + Olive oil

* Mix olive oil and cumin oil in a bowl and rub on the affected spot.
* Your sever hair loss will be much in control after regular usage.

Cumin seeds hair mask with henna

* Mix henna powder and crumbled cumin seeds.
* Apply the paste as a hair mask.
* Leave it for half an hour and wash off thoroughly with tap water.
* Pat dry your hair.
* Repeat the procedure twice a week to control the receding hairlines.

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