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Coconut Oil Can Make You Look 10 Years Younger If You Use It For 2 Weeks This Way

Coconut oil is excellent beautifier and everyone ,even those who are using the most expensive cosmetics have coconut oil in their homes.

The followings are the prime reasons why you should use coconut oil as beautifier:

Overnight care for the skin – If you put this oil on your face, before you go to sleep, you will be amazed by the results when you wake up, 100 percent! The skin on your face will be pure and clean, because throughout the night the oil will go deeply into your skin and make it more soft and elastic.

Cream for destroying the cellulite – Cellulite is one of the worst enemies of women’s beauty, and coconut is the women’s best ally. In order to prepare the anti cellulite cream, mix honey and coconut oil . Put on the places where you have cellulite at night and go to sleep.

Softener of cuticle – If your cuticles are dry and because of them your nails look bad, you should massage them with coconut oil every day.

Varicose veins pain reliever – This issue is very painful, beside that is bad looking. Coconut oil can ease the tangling and calm the veins, if you massage them regularly with the oil.

Hand cream –  Dry hands are very common and normal problem, especially in winter period. This period coconut oil will be a huge help for you, if you use it like a hand cream, at least while you are at home.

 Chemical- free cream for shaving –Instead of buying expensive shaving creams for removing the hairs from your legs, underarms and arms you can use the extraordinary coconut oil. It will keep the skin hydrated and it’s also free from chemicals.

Eyelash treatment – Coconut oil can contribute to having to eyelashes pretty and also save them from breakage that usually happens thanks to make up. Only thing you should do for achieving this goal is to put some of the oil on the eyelashes before bedtime.

Coconut Oil Can Make You Look 10 Years Younger If You Use It For 2 Weeks This Way

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