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Eye Serum For Fine Lines And Wrinkles- DIY Remedy

DIY Eye serum for fine lines and wrinkles

This DIY eye serum has all the the ingredients, You  need to prevent and erase fine lines and wrinkles. The skin around the eye is, very delicate and thin, and is the very first place, wrinkles  usually appears. Making your own diy eye serum, can ensure your looking your best, at any age. It prevents the area around your eyes from drying, and wrinkling prematurely.

This eye serum is  light in texture and is an amazing serum that hydrates with only  a small amount of oil.  Follow this simple recipe for  an eye area that will  feel well hydrated, with a soft and supple feel. And yes wrinkle free!

You’lle Need

▪ 2 tbsp Avocado oil

▪ 1 tbsp coconut oil

▪ 2 tbsp jojoba oil

▪ 1 tbsp Vitamin E oil


Melt the coconut oil, to liquid consistency then combine all  the oils together in a glass dropper bottle. Shake well, for at least a minute. Add 2- 3 drops on the  tip of your  finger and gently pat, the skin around your eyes. Don’t forget your eyelids.  Do this every night before bed, for full absorption. You will notice results within a matter of weeks.

This homemade DIY  eye serum is a great alternative to store bought eye serum. It’s free from toxic chemical/Ingredients, and is 100% safe and reliable.  It’s of high quality and works extremely well , to hydrate and keep the eye area free from wrinkles and fine lines.

It contains only the best ingredients such as avocado oil, which makes the perfect oil to use around your eyes. It’s full if fatty acids, and high level of vitamin A, C and E, renown for taming free radicals that ages skin. jojoba oil easily penetrates deep into the skin, to provide moisture, without leaving a greasy/oily feel.

Vitamin E Oil on the other hand is widely used in most skincare product, particularly those labelled as anti aging, in wrinkles cream and eye creams. This oil block free radicals, which is the primary cause of wrinkles. If we can prevent free radicals then we can reduce wrinkles significantly and keep the skin looking young and fresh as possible.

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