Sunday, April 18

Great Anti Aging Foods That Let You Hold On To Your Youth

The fight to stay healthy and young in appearance is one that we all must face at some point or another. While it seems to come easily to some, there are many that struggle to keep their wrinkles and dull skin at bay. While the most commonly reached for “cure” tends to come in the form of face masks and concealers, you can actually take several years off of your looks with your diet alone. All it takes is introducing some healthier foods into your daily meals! With that in mind, here are a few of the best anti aging foods:

Chili peppers, jalapenos, cayenne peppers, and tabasco peppers may be a bit tough on the palette, but they’re rich in capsaicin: a powerful compound that increases the blood flow, fights off inflammation, promotes immunity to several diseases, and also boosts the metabolism. Working these into your diet will help your skin look much more vibrant, and you’ll easily begin shedding pounds. While most people focus on their waist line and stomach, the first place you’ll likely notice weight loss is in your face. To maximize the effect, make sure to also drink plenty of water and practice a steady workout schedule. It won’t be long before you’re looking better than you have in years!
Hot Peppers

If you have a problem with eating too many snacks, you should trade the likes of chips, candy, and crackers for nuts such as cashews, almonds, walnuts, and macadamias. Just a handful or two between meals should be enough to sate your appetite, and you’ll also enjoy numerous health benefits from their high monounsaturated fat content. Like hot peppers, nuts can help stave off a number of diseases and other health problems, and they even promote healthier blood vessels. With an improved blood flow, your skin will look much healthier in the process.

Whole Grains

Finally, whole grains have a number of health benefits that are simply too promising to ignore. They are immensely rich in vitamins, polyphenols, antioxidants, and fiber, all of which have incredibly potent anti-aging properties. You’ll also be actively working to reduce your chance of heart disease with whole grains in your daily meal plan. Some of the best examples include oats, brown rice, rye and wheat berries. You can even get away with enjoying popcorn on occasion! You can supplement this further by making sure you stick to whole grain breads, flour, and pasta as well.

With those anti aging foods in your regular diet, you’ll be looking more like your younger self in short order! You’ll likely even slim down a bit and have more energy to boot. Best of all, by combining your new and improved diet with other great habits like staying away from junk food, cutting down on other common vices, exercising often, and regularly getting a good night’s rest, you’ll easily be able to live a long and happy life!

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