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Hair loss? Natural Remedy – Your hair will grow again with one ingredient

(beautyremedies)——  Hair loss represents a problems both for women and men. Majority of men do not admit that hair loss affect them, but in my opinion it is pretty embarrassing for them. I know that a lot of chemical products or oils specially designed for hair loss from pharmacies do not work. I will suggest you a natural remedy for hair loss. You will see that your hair will grow again using one ingredient. I can bet that you have the ingredient in the house.

Treatment for hair loss with one ingredient:

The miracle ingredients is the salt. Salt have regenerative properties of hair and improves blood circulation on the scalp.Wash your hair normally. Do not dry it. Wipe your hair using a towel.  Take the salt that you use in your kitchen and apply it on the scalp. Gently massage you scalp for 15 minutes. After the massage, wash your hair again.

In my opinion, sea salt is the most suitable for hair loss treatment.  Sea salt is popular since ancient times for its medicinal and beautification proprieties. Sea salt is obtained by the evaporation of saline water bodies. Is rich in 82 essential nutrients taken from the sea. The high content in minerals is beneficial for the skin. Has a moisturizing, revitalization and rejuvenation effect. Sea salt exfoliation helps to remove dead skin particles, strength the tissues, stimulates peripheral blood circulation and helps in cell regeneration.

Repeat this treatment for hair loss 2 times per week, during 2 months. You will see that the result will be amazing! Your hair will be thicker and will starting to grow in all the places where your hair once disappeared.

Also, this treatment will make your hair brighter and give it a smooth texture. In addition, using the salt as a treatment for hair, it heals the problems with dandruff.

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