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How To Naturally Remove Body Hair Permanently.

This is a 400-year old natural remedy which originates from Myanmar (formerly Burma). This ancient remedy will help you eliminate the body hair permanently without waxing or shaving them. This is a cosmetic issue for many people around the world. So, instead of some expensive treatments, this is a natural remedy with no side effects. Therefore, the best solution for this irritating issue is to use Thanaka Powder and Kusumba Oil.

Thanaka Powder and Kusumba Oil

In the Burmese language, Thanaka means elephant and the Thanaka powder is a soft bark powder out of the burmese Thanaka tree. It is widely used for promoting the skin quality. On the other hand, Kusumba oil is pressed out of the seeds of the precious Kusuma flower using a specific pressing method to get the oil out of the small seeds. It contains amazing moisturizing properties and it is often combined with Thanaka powder.

Hair Removal Treatment

This is an herbal based permanent hair removal treatment, which makes the hair thinner, softer and invisible.
  • pure Kusumba oil
  • pure Thanaka powder

Instructions for Face Application:

You should combine 1 tablespoon of Thanaka powder with the 2 tablespoons of Kusuma oil until you get a thick lotion. Then, apply it on the face where you want to remove the hair. Leave it for at least 2 hours and wash it off. Optionally, leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning.

Instructions for Body Application:

For this purpose, you should mix pure 2 tablespoons of Thanaka powder with the 5 to 6 tablespoons of Kusuma oil until you get a thick lotion. Apply the lotion over the area of unwanted hair grown over the body and let it act for at least 2 hours. Finally, wash it off. You can also keep it overnight and take bath in the morning.
You can repeat the treatment on a daily basis for 3 weeks. Additionally, you can add some turmeric powder and ripen papaya piece to the paste to brighten your skin complexion.

Grades of Thanaka Powder

There are 3 grades of quality of Thanaka powder: grade A, which is pure form found in Burma, while grade B and C are mixed form with multi Matti and sandal powder found in Malaysia and Thailand. In fact, grade B and C are used as a face pack and can help in the treatment of acne marks and black spots.
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