Saturday, May 8


In a previous post we discussed how to prep our natural hair for protective styles, but do we know how to properly remove extensions without losing hair? Braids are my favorite natural hairstyle to achieve maximum hair growth, so it bothers me to hear some of my Naturalistas are losing hair because of it! But I’m here to help! Here are 3 Steps on How To Take Down Braids Without Losing Hair.

Step 1: Wet hair

Wetting your hair is a MUST when taking down braids. Since kinky and curly hair are tightly coiled, we have to loosen it up before taking the extensions out. Otherwise, when you begin to unravel, you’ll end up tearing and ripping your natural hair from the extensions, causing damage and breakage. To alleviate this, I spritz my hair with warm water mixed with oil before unraveling.

Step 2: Apply Oil

This can be done in conjunction with Step 1 or separately.  But I like to do both! After wetting my hair, I’ll apply oil to each individual braid, then unravel. This makes the hair slippery, therefore making the task even easier! Plus, it keeps my hair moisturized during the process.

Step 3: Add Conditioner/Detangle

Again, dry hair is a NO, NO when taking down braids or when detangling! So once I’ve taken down a good amount of braids, I’ll go back to that section, add a ton of conditioner, finger detangle, then detangle again using a wide tooth comb. I’ll section that part off and repeat Steps 1-3 until all the braids are removed.

And that’s it! Simple, huh? Just remember, we’re dealing with a lot of hair here, so make it easy on yourself! WORK IN SMALL SECTIONS! Take a few braids down at a time and thoroughly detangle each section. Once complete, you already have a head start on a hot oil treatment and a prepoo-condition. Just sit under the dryer for about 30 mins with a plastic cap or if you’re like me, let it sit overnight. Rinse, shampoo, then deep condition.

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