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How to Use Coconut Oil for Your Hair – Here You Get Complete Guide

Coconut oil is one of those incredibly amazing home remedies that can be used for anything from a natural moisturizer to imparting a glowing and radiant skin to various health and cooking applications.

However, coconut oil can also be assimilated into your hair care regime for treating dry, damaged and frizzy hair.

What can coconut oil really do for your hair? Well, nothing short of wonders. Now you can finally flaunt those long locks of gorgeous hair that you pined for, along with that flawless skin.

Conventional hair care products (including shampoos, conditioners and various serums), being chemical-laden and alkaline, disrupt the natural texture of your hair making it struggle for a delicate balance that results in dry and rough hair with split ends, dandruff, hair loss issues and a host of other troubles.

The natural properties of coconut oil make it extremely beneficial for your scalp and hair. Coconut oil meshes well with the texture of your hair to impart a gorgeous, shiny and longer fall.

There are two ways you can use coconut oil on your hair, depending on your hair type.

People with slightly wavy or straight hair should use a coconut oil treatment before washing their hair, while those with curly or thick hair should use it after washing their hair.


  • Moisturizes your hair and scalp.
  • Is anti-fungal and gets rid of dandruff.
  • Penetrates the hair shaft.
  • Protects your hair from losing protein when washing which results in thicker hair.
  • Contains vitamin E and lauric acid, both are essential for strong, healthy hair and prevent hair loss.
  • Contains fatty acids that strengthen your hair resulting in less split ends.
  • Gives your hair a healthy shine.

Given below are coconut oil treatments for nine major hair troubles you are likely to encounter at some point in time.

Method 1: Coconut Oil Hair Mask for Deep Conditioning

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