Sunday, May 9

Simons Design Studio: Designer Spotlight

I have a VERY special treat for you guys today! I cannot tell you just how excited I am about today’s Designer Spotlight highlighting one of my favorite interior design firms; Simons Design Studio.

Last year during the 2017 Salt Lake City Parade of Homes, I walked in to tour a beautiful modern farmhouse built by Magleby Construction and instantly fell in love and was completely blown away by the design work in the home.  From the color palette, to the perfect choices in textures and accents, to the smallest of design details, I knew that I had to find out more about the designer of this amazing home.

I have toured 100’s of homes over the last 10 years that I have been blogging and I knew immediately as I walked through this home that I was seeing something truly extraordinary created by a very talented designer. I not only found out a lot more about Simons Design Studio but I also connected with the talented founder Shawn Simons. I have been fortunate to visit with Shawn at length about her design work and tour several more of her projects this year during the 2018 Salt Lake Parade of Homes.

  Shawn Simons has been designing homes for more than 25 years. Four years ago, Shawn launched Simons Design Studio in the Salt Lake area.

I want to start off first by walking you though the Magleby Construction farmhouse that I toured last year when I was first introduced to Shawn and her team’s design work.

When I walked through the Magleby farmhouse, I knew immediately that the designer was involved with this project from the beginning because every detail from the exterior finishes to every single detail in the interior was chosen with purpose to layer and compliment the overall project. You don’t see that very often where the designer is this involved in pre-construction and I wish I saw it more because of all of the customized elements. I found out later that Simons Design Studio works very closely with Magleby Construction in Salt Lake on many of their new construction projects.

Just take a look at how everything from the wood beams, cabinetry design, flooring and overall layout all beautiful work together and are layered so harmoniously!

“Anywhere I can! I love nature, and take note of how our senses respond to the colors and textures in nature. Anyone who has been through our projects will see that we LOVE to use wood! Nothing warms a space like wood. We love to mix woods, metals, and textures, to create an organic space, that we believe is more timeless than trendy.” 

Because Shawn and the rest of her team are involved are involved most of the time in the pre-construction of new homes, design decisions are are made before the home is built and built into the home. For example, the stairway to the second floor and basement level is right in the center of this open house plan so Shawn and her team were able to envision and incorporate design elements into the stairs that made it a beautiful focal point/design element in the space.

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