Sunday, May 9

Spray This To Your Hair Before Sleeping And They Will Never Stop Growing, Stop Hair Fall

This is a Chinese secret to get long healthy and black hair. Even after first use you will notice the difference. This hair growth spray is very very effective and it boosts your hair growth prevents hair damage and promotes the hair growth without any side-effect.

For this remedy you will need

Potato peels

You will need peels of 6 potatoes, collect all peels in a pan
In this add 3 glasses of water
Add 3 table spoons of kalonji oil
Now put this pan on heat
Heat this for 20-25 minutes
Now strain the water and let it cool
Now filter this water and store this in spray bottle

How to use it

Spray this water all over your hair, first cover scalp part very well and massage it for 3-4 minutes. Leave it overnight and shampoo your hair next morning


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