Saturday, March 6

The Universal Eyebrow Shaping Guideline

There is only one fully effective rule to help you define the shape of the brow. The shape that will make your eyebrows perfectly match the type of your face. Take a look at the steps and you will see how to choose the right shape specially for you. Here we go:

  • First of all, you have to the define the place where the eyebrow shoes begin. For that purpose, you will need a thin and long object, for instance your liner brush. Place it alongside the nose, at its side. Now take a look at the tip of the brush and the place where it crosses the eyebrow. This is where the eyebrow should begin. That’s the first step.

  • Then, you have to find the place where the arch must be places, if there is a need for an arch of course. Here is how to find it: hold the brush again next to the nose, but now, tilt the brush to the center of the eye. Look straight into the mirror and place the brush goes right through the center of the pupil. And the place where the brush crosses the eyebrow is the place where the arch must be created. Usually, this checkpoint matches with the natural shape of the eyebrow.

  • And one last checkpoint – the place where the eyebrow must end. Keep the pencil next to the nose, but this time tilt it even further. You have to place the brush right through the outer corner of the eye. And when the brush reaches the brow, you will find out where the eyebrow should end.

Now that you have these checkpoints, you should draw the shape of the brow, or you have to pluck the excessive hairs if there are some. Be careful with the arch, it must match the type of your face. If your face is short and round, you should make the arch high and geometrical in order to create an illusion of a longer face. Enjoy!

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