Monday, March 1

What Kind of Woman Are You According To the Month In Which You Are Born?

In this article, we’re going to present you your characteristics that the month in which you were born defines.


These women are very serious, as well as conservative, but also ambitious. They can be extremely critical and don’t usually talk about how they feel. Only people who have the same views on life and are on the same intellectual level can be near them.


These are women that should be treated with patience. They are very romantic. Their mood is changing constantly, so many people don’t understand them. They think in an abstract way. In case you betray them, they’ll walk away and you’ll never be able to see them.


These are charming women with a very strong charisma.They are very loyalanddedicated. They fall in love very hard. You’ll think they’re cute, but only until you upset them.  Still, it’s a great pleasure to live with this kind of a person.


These women are born diplomats. They come into contact with people very easily. They know how to pity themselves. They can be very jealous and if you notice a moment like that, move away from them! As soon as they’re sure that you’ve earned their trust, their soul will be opened.


Women born in May are loyal to their own principlesandare very persistent. They are usually very attractive. But, their difficult character can make any men who falls in love with them in danger. You’ll remember them for your whole life.


These girls are very are communicative, creative and extremely curious. Still, their tongue is faster than their mind. They don’t like speaking behind their back, so they always tell the truth. Men are often only toys in their hands because they’re very dangerous when they fall in love.


Gils born in July are very beautiful, intelligent, honest and mysterious. They are very polite and avoid conflicts. In case you cheat on them, you’ll lose them forever.

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